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Hernan's Blog of Hate!

[ Wednesday, August 24, 2005 ]


Google Talk

DAMN! I hope this is the end of msn messenger. Download now Google talk! seems like a new skype, taking advantage of your gmail contacts. Is it dangerous? Is it world conspiracy? Dunno, but I'm with those who want to bring Bill Gates to his knees.

As with anything google, the IM client is easy, loads and works fast, simple, and is not bloatware (which means it doesnt eat your computer memory alive!). No emoticons yet (msn emoticons are visual contamination of your screen, sorry wusses), but I suppose they will be adding them soon. Anyway, there's some other IM clients like Trillian Pro (25$ downloadable via emule), GAIM y Jabber that show that kind of stuff (while alowing you to connect to yahooIM, ICQ, AIM, IRC, and the dreaded msn messenger). Take a look at them.

Microsoft it's a charade, you know? (couldnt help a lot of months ago, when gmail saw the light offering free email service with 1 Gb storage, they promised they would do something about it for hotmail. Yahoo mail did, they boosted up the storage space up to 200 Mb about 2 months after, and now they offer 1 Gb. But these days hotmail has added another Mb to free acounts making it 2 Mb, just less than 0.08% of gmail's actual 2525 MB space. I know, maybe the question is not about space, but maybe it is about features and breaking free email actual chains.

Cant wait for google's free hosting. :P

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