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(:E cries at...

Hernan's Blog of Hate!

[ Saturday, April 24, 2004 ]


When you're drunk..
and it is late.

when you're drunk everything's happy
when you're drunk everyone's there
when you're drunk everybody's there for you
and you're there for every body

when you're drunk everything's so clear
when you're drunk everything's so fine
the world doesnt strobber
and the world sweats but you dont notice

there's amigo_clown who wanna reggae
there's repressed gay who wants 80's
there's him who wants ass
there's her who wants BEEP!

When you're drunk everything comes and goes
When you're drunk anything goes
When you're drunk comes the girl ready for shit
When you're drunk you're ready for ugly shit

there's the new Jesus
there's the girl who wants you for who you really are (pffffjhajajja)
there's the john, your best friend
who you can brace and tell you love.

And everyone gathers round the sweat
And everyone's so easy
And we all know
This is who you think you're destined to be

And tomorrow will come again
And you'll wake with :A's breath
And everything's so funny
And everything's so sad

And you dont need no shit
Just good old you and boost
Just them who may be worthless
Make my day, make me laugh

Fuck all of you, I hate you, I hate myself
But it's all for the fun of it.

Hernán [4:09 AM] -

the hatemachine,
according to svigle