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Hernan's Blog of Hate!

[ Sunday, April 11, 2004 ]


The wasteland - Dream Theater

Still awake
I continue to move along
Cultivating my own nonsense
Welcome to the wasteland
Where you'll find ashes, nothing but ashes

Still awake
Bringing change, bringing movement,
Bringing life
A silent prayer thrown away,
Disappearing in the air
Rising, sinking, raininc deep inside me
Nowhere to turn,
I look for a way back home

Hice la de pronek, no sirvió, no hubo magia. No encontré el de Baudelaire tampoco. Ya no encuentro nada. Asi que paila, yo.

Sin embargo, en el juego de Piet, me salió:

You will live in a Shack.
You will drive a Blue Mazda 626.
You will marry Alejandra and have 1 kids.
You will be a Rock star in Mexico.

Pavorosamente real. Claro que cualquiera puede ser estrella de rock en Mexico. Usted. Y.. usted. Y .. uhm.. usted tambien. Chao, me voy al cierre del festival de Teatro, a reirme un rato. Invitha Cathacoth.

Hernán [3:39 PM] -

the hatemachine,
according to svigle