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Hernan's Blog of Hate!

[ Saturday, February 21, 2004 ]


"What do you want from me?"
Not stargaze, not The Dead Playmates, not even Ulf Reich.

As the blue light falls over
And the solitude cleans the air
The same thoughts of another time
Where desperation was the constant,
And the voidness inside shrouded the sanity
Reminds an erased presence
Not without hurt
Not without guilt
Still traces beg to remain carved

Feels like devoid of a muse
Art once fertile now barren
Seems there's no way back to it
And futile is now its second name
There is nothing new coming out of this hands
The talent lies buried, it wants to stay that way
So many ideas wasted
So big this burden of impotence
Where's Ulrike when I need her the most?

We'll be recording again this next weekend or the next after it, 3 old dusted songs and a new one, quasar, an altogether effort that intends to pave the way into a new try. Again I feel dragged by the current, there could be a lot of proposals and stuff, or not, and the band is naively placing its hopes on its less capable member. The benefit from being in the shadows is that you are not compromised to anything, but as Alexis said once, its a matter of power behind power. I'm the command center or I'm out, plain simple. Is not explicit, but it's in the air. Brings back the master quote of type o negative: "Dont mistake lack of talent for genius". Luz once lit the candle, making me realize my music was exclusively a way to live with myself, but the reasons have drastically changed since that statement.. taking in mind I can't find the magic in it anymore. It is obvious, and the band's deepest fear. I'm no Frank Zappa, right now I just want to feel like an "as if" character.

Just deliriously vomiting.

Hernán [6:44 PM] -

the hatemachine,
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