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Hernan's Blog of Hate!

[ Friday, November 21, 2003 ]


When the mind is blank or Here comes the bullets or Mediocre posts that must rapidly be forgotten

Well, these last days I've been a victim to M$, as it made my PC hit rock-bottom. Windows XP finally managed to stop the video card's fan and so 0's became 1's and viceversa and there were lots of BSODs (Blue screens of death, we all love them -or then why are so many windows machines out there?). I made a list of my latest disperse thoughts.

- Type O Negative's last album "Life is Killing me" rules ass. It's honest Type O Negative, and it has moments from their previous albums, from Slow, Deep and Hard to World Coming Down. It has their biggest influences, Black Sabbath and the Beatles (when they sounded heavy), but not because of the sitar (like stated in amazon's review). Type O Negative's gothic style is not standard, they're not all about sadness and blood and vampires, they don't even look gothic. They're more like characters from the Crow. I opened wide my eyes to their lyrics (O__oU !!), because there's really unconfortable moments, that you have nothing else to do than just laugh with. And the Type O marks are everywhere (the "aaaah... huh"s and the plain "huh"s among others). If you like gothic run and buy it, I go with amazon's crowd, giving it 4.5 stars outta 5. Not bad for such a long wait! Also there's the most anti-gay song I've ever heard, "I like goils" (If anyone knows what that means, tell me, I'm nothing but an Iguazo!) and song about a sex-change operation gone wrong! 4.5 out of 5 stars

- Flash MX 2004 is a nice effort, putting designers aside to suffer while they helplessly watch java developers build dynamic flashes. It's like when making web pages. All designers "make" web pages, but when they're asked to do something dynamic they've nothing else to do than run away scared (and it's hard for their egos, and we developers laugh like madmen). So now, designers' tool, Flash, it's becoming a tool for the developer of nowadays web sites. (Take that motherfuckers)

- When I came back from Girardot this weekend, my father informed me of the Beer Company's grenading, and the first person that came to mind was Siramthar (the sensei). I dunno why I didnt call him.. but is nice to see he's in one piece.

- I really envy Galactus and the first world countries for being able to asist to concerts of musical legends of such size as David Bowie, Type O Negative, Iron Maiden, Pink Floyd, Dream Theater, Joe Satriani, Air, Daft Punk, Underworld, The Chemical Brothers, Massive Attack, Yanny and so many great classical musicians..

- I was really dissapointed to know that the Evil Corp. has no competence at all and that it has stomped all over its rivals, either by buying/absorbing them or taking them to bankruptcy. I've heard they want to put out some online system to sell music over the Internet and crush iTunes, Napster, MusicMatch and the delayed MSN Music 2004 without even seeing the light! Maybe the Evil Corp. has planted a virtual reality in our brains in order to fulfill the Evil Robot's electric needs. I choose the red pill!

- TOLM 2 may be a good night, I'll let you decide where it's gonna be, and perhaps I'll go with Lanada. I look forward to meet some of the new bloggers, to see if I finally decide to read their posts..

- I gotta watch Kill Bill and the third Matrix.

- Some hate comes to mind by hand of the extinct band Impetigo: "I hate people man, I don't care... I just don't fucking care... I dont give a shit.. I dont give a shit about nothing.." etc.

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