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[ Saturday, October 04, 2003 ]


Maiden Review

On September the 9th Iron Maiden released "Dance of Death", and last weekend I declined buying Royksopp's "Melody AM" for it. Leaving apart any kind of godly comentary about the great early Iron Maiden, such as in albums as "Killers", "Peace of Mind" and "Somewhere in Time", "Dance of Death" feels less shiny than its predecessor "Brave new World", which marked the return of Bruce Dickinson to the band's vocals. I'm not saying it's a bad album, I say it sounds flatter than much of Iron Maiden's albums (but not as much as the eternal boredom of "X Factor".

The album starts with "01. Wildest Dreams" their typical fast song formula, the only "shiny" song, probably with "07. New Frontier". Then it starts slowly descending into boreness, until the clock hits 3:00 on the song "05. Dance of Death". Is in this moment where the album begins sounding somewhat mystical, like "Seventh son of a seventh son", through keyboards as usual, but it still works. And, I have to give credit to this guys for still getting songs out of C-D-E chords! They're everywhere as expected, with ocasional A and F chords.

The Good:

- 05. Dance of Death since 3:00, despite the soloing over a maiden's patented-triads-galloping version of the old song's "Revelations" strophe. Can´t wait to see a live version of it, especially since 6:57.
- 08. Paschendale, must be the best song in the album in my opinion.
- 09. Face in the Sand, unexpected double-bass driven song. Maiden first double bass song, nice lyrics.
- 10. Age of Innocence.
- 11. Journey Man, uses clean guitars like in "Prodigal son".
- Musical fills like in 3:24 on "07. New Frontier" or "2:24" on "02. Rainmaker" (sounds like the band "In Flames").
- Nicko (the drummer) "experimenting" in a more solid way with double-bass.
- Bruce Dickinson saves any song with his voice, like in the chorus of "03. No more lies" and "04. Montsegur" (this last one sounds like gotten out of the "Powerslave" album, but I dont like the verses' music).
- You can tell Adrian Smith's influence in the album's composition.
- Nice soloing.

The Bad:

- The CD comes with a copy-protection system, againts ripping. Also, when you insert this CD into windows or mac, it starts a player software (probably made with flash) which provokes skips in the music when there's some processing in the PC. Uncomfortable.
- We have yet to see the THREE guitar players in Iron Maiden doing interesting things with their THREE guitars. I dont really hear THREE guitars. They even did more guitars in previous 80's album, through overdubs obviously, so there's nothing new in melodies with a 2nd and a 3rd voice, it is typical.
- The cover! IT SUCKS!!! The whole booklet is nicely done, nice pictures of the members, with nice effects of ghastly women probably gotten through the opened-diaphragm technique. BUT THE COVER, C'MON! It would have been terrorific if drawed by Derek Riggs, who did the album covers through the 80's. But no, they tried to do 3D figures, with very bad results. Someone has to show them "Poser 5"!
- The overall flat feeling through the album.

I give the album 3.5 stars out of 5. 3.5 out of 5 stars

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