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Hernan's Blog of Hate!

[ Tuesday, August 12, 2003 ]


Red Alert or Microsoft on its knees

About a month ago a new vulnerability in the windows server operating systems (NT/2000/XP/2003 Server!) was found. It allows an external "user" to execute code through RPC (Remote Procedure Call), I dunno why yet, but the problem several people has had is the same: Suddenly, the PC communicates the user that "NT Authority System" will shut down the PC in 1 minute, and so the countdown begins and shuts down the PC in 1 minute. Microsoft posted a technet critical update (MS should be sprayed with gringo weapons of mass destruction). I saw the announcent in a message sent to my TV by Cable Net. What the message explained was something like "There's some virus going around, so dont open suspicious files." (I bet half of windows users are right now searching for weapons of mass destruction over the internet's black market right now, inspired by whom else than our beloved Bill Gates?) I think I was safe because of Zone Alarm, Active Ports, X-NetStat, Norton Antivirus, NeoTrace (I lost the really good IP trying to get into my PC, Active ports doesnt give much display time for closed connections). A word of advice: I always thought Messenger is a piece of evil code. Well, everyone claims to have being "infected" received some message through Windows Messenger and Voilá, you're fucked. So use Trillian or something else, like I luckily do. (I wonder if Bill Gates has trojans in his personal intels, because he surely has sub7 in his brain).

I demand so many hate mail to Bill Gates through Mailbomber or similar. He deserves it, I'm serious and you know I'm right. Hail to hackers for exposing MS so bad.

OH, and dont think that because you run Windows 9x/me or a unix clon you're safe from a worm like this one.

Hernán [12:11 AM] -

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