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Hernan's Blog of Hate!

[ Thursday, August 28, 2003 ]


The dream of them all

By referring to "them all", I mean the people who barely know something about computers. The people who certifies on "Windows 98" or "Microsoft Powerpoint" thinking about some secretary or assistant job. Those who think you're speaking in Mandarin when you ask them to minimize a window, or drag something from one window to another, those who get incredibly amazed when you change windows with [Alt]+[Tab], or close windows with [Alt]+[F4] or [Ctrl]+[F4], or start explorer with [Windows]+[E]. The people that can't make a zip file or that cant imagine how to use a new program with a standard interface without someone explaining. Or those who consider themselves experts enough to do a ".DLL" cleaning on "c:\windows\system". (Bear in mind, in addition, that I'm talking about the whore of operating systems, windows. Unix clons apart.)

Well, that kind of people who buy some cheap and outdated clon for the value of a new one out of ignorance, and who think they manage the "Internet program" just because they opened a hotmail mail account (or asked someone to do it) dream. DREEEEEEEEEAM about having that-special-someone's hotmail account password. They dream and that's healthy, in a way. But when they cross the line and think, "hey there's hackers, all I have to do is ask some nerd to find it". That easy. Let others do the job, as usual.

When the password is found (if it gets found and by some method they would not understand), they can't help but doing stupid things with it, like bragging about it. Or sending an email to all contacts stating things that are untrue and that may hurt the victim not only emotionally but economically (Reminded me of first semester -1996- when some friend left the computer unattended with his telnet session opened, pine loaded, and some other friend -who seems to dissapoint lately- sent a mail to the rest of that semester's students assuring "I'm a stupid gay"). Well, today dersteppen forwarded me some laughable rather than hate-charging email:

------------ BEGINNING OF MESSAGE -----------
mire esta "belleza" que me llegó.......

usted dirá si es verídico o no........

>From: "*************" <**********@hotmail.com>
>To: **********@hotmail.com
>Subject: mire
>Date: Thu, 28 Aug 2003 10:52:32 -0500
>este no fue el mancito que le grabo a su amigo el de ulf reich?????
>Hola soy Pyngwi, este mail es para informarles que debido a la falta de
>talento aqui en Colombia me ire del pais el proximo 31 de Agosto, realmente
>estoy cansado, aburrido y harto de la porqueria de grabaciones y
>producciones que he realizado, tal como HELLBENDER, CESAR DUQUE, ANTIPODA,
>DARATH, PULZO, FAT BASTARDS, en fin todos los grupetes que he grabado, y
>cuando digo todos son TODOS!!! que porqueria la verdad pense que en este
>puto pais de puta mierda habia mas talento, mas calidad, pero no!!! es una
>mierda yo soy el unico talentozo aca, el UNICO!!! pobrecitos se quedaran
>siempre haciendo lo mismo, musica mediocre, no hay como lo que yo hago,
>sobre todo las canciones ahi aguantan es cuando yo les meto la mano por que
>de resto serian mas mierda de lo que son, me da tristeza su trabajo,
>trabajar para ustedes, una partida de ignorantes e imbeciles que creen que
>saber hacer musica, cuando la unica verdad la tengo es yo, por que yo soy
>el mejor, les deseo suerte por que se que la necesitan, yo me ire feliz sin
>tener mas que trabajar para uds, sobre todo uds los de hellbender, y
>grupitos de metal barato y punk barato KE SE PUDRAN EN LA MIERDA, por que
>uds son unos malparidos, los odio con sus escalitas marikas y ridiculas, a
>mis supuestos compañeros supuestamente ingenieros de sonido "POR QUE YO SOY
>los odio a todos MALDITOS!!!! LOS DETESTO!!!! y si tienen alguna queja
>llamenme, la verdad me gustaria mandarles la madre en la cara, llamenme y
>diganme lo que sienten al fin y al cabo ya me importa un culo, suerte que
>PORQUE SOY EL MEJOR, en ningun lugar del mundo encontraran un guitarrista
>que me supuere o un ingeniero, adios a todo, AH!!! y a KRAKEN KE SE MUERA
>PUTA MIERDA; ADIOS! MALDITOS!!!!!, ah y saludes a todas las zorritas que
>les hice descuento en este "estudio", ellas saben a cambio de que.
>Att: Pyngwi (llamenme <**Num de Telefono**> para arreglar nuestros asuntos idiotas)
------------ END OF MESSAGE -----------

As I confirmed later, someone supplanted Pyngwi (sound engineer and a friend) out of some anger (that I've yet to find out for learning purposes), and harmed him not only by sending this email to all his hotmail contacts, but he even insulted them using his name through MSN messenger. Of course, the phone number (that was included in the email's last line) must be still ringing in the studio.

There's a good hint about who could be behind this. And let's use commmon sense anyway, something that is part of the typical "hacker-wannabe" profile: He included himslef in the email (as a band that sucks). Because "who would write shit about his own self?". Another error, Pyngwi was one of the principal members of "darath" and "pulzo", so how would he say his own bands suck when he did most of the music to later say that he's the only good musician in this country? Another error is that pyngwi doesnt write emails like that, he hates the "K" letter where it isnt supposed to be (just as me, same happens with the prostituted "Z") and , once in an email, he searches for about 20 to 30 adjectives or synonims for a single word (something I really hate because it reminds me of colombian story-tellers (cuenteros)). I didn't buy this email that much since, another fact, right now much of his life project depends on the new Kraken. The coward that did this should (and must) be frightened to be so obvious. Sometimes dreams end up turning into nightmares.

Remember, a real hacker doesnt EVER brag about his abilities.

Bye bite me.

Hernán [11:30 PM] -

the hatemachine,
according to svigle