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Hernan's Blog of Hate!

[ Friday, July 11, 2003 ]


Lilja 4-Never

Lilja 4-everI've felt a little nostalgic lately for the gothic feel of the mid 90s, when we all were cool by being lonely and dark, and dressed in black. Fashion based on the calm beauty of the undead. Some icons I remember from those times are Type O Negative, the "The Crow" movies, Marilyn Manson's "Beautiful People" and "Sweet Dreams" videos, Cradle of Filth. All imagery. But there was no feeling more gothic than the feeling after coming out of a low-budget european movie. What we call(ed) "Cine Arte" (art films). I was completely desolate after watching "Los amantes del circulo polar" (Lovers of the polar circle), remember it? I wanted to die, really.

Well, I downloaded Lilja 4-ever, another one of those hopeless stories that you know it's only gonna get worse, and you still hope, but in the end you're proved wrong. I should have seen it in some dark place at Bogota's gothic downtown, like derSteppen this days, but I totally screwed it by downloading it from kazaa. Besides, it had swedish subtitles.

It's sad. If you like the feeling of movies like "Requiem for a Dream", or the iguazo "Rodrigo D. no futuro" you'll like this no-way-out alley. "As sad as beautiful".


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