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Hernan's Blog of Hate!

[ Thursday, July 31, 2003 ]


A face-disfigurating post

Watching at javier's, alejo's and gabriel's "calligraphical egomania", traduced in trying to write their names so that they look exactly the same flipped vertically, has made me remember the scary "we love you all" repeating phrase in Boards of Canada's song "A is to B as B is to C", from their album "Geogaddi" (more scary oddities can be found here). The sound was adjusted so that when played both forward and in reverse it sounds the same, making it a musical palindrome. I said "adjusted" because "we love you all" backwards would sound like "lo-uyvol-you", but:

- Repeat the phrase over and over, slowly pronounced.
- You'll notice you can use "all" as the "lo" part in "love".
- "we" backwards can be understood as "you".
- Pronouncing "you" as the french "i" (a normal "ee" sound but with your mouth making the shape of an "oo" sound), you'll get something like "we love oo all" (backwards: lo-oo-vol-you). this will help the "you" word fade into the word "love", now pronounced something like "lo-oo-v".
- Now, the problem is trying to turn the "lo" part in the word "love" into "you all" backwards! It can be done by slowly saying "love" as something like "lo-eev", trying to make the "ee" sound as soft as possible.

So the final result is: "lo+eev+oo-ol+we", backwards-ly "we+lo-oo+vee+all". A little tricky, but it works, just like the examples by javier, alejo and gabriel.

It sounds scary, Boards of Canada's version. An MP3 file can be downloaded HERE (by the way, the people who made that page are nuts!).

Scare you later.

Hernán [12:52 AM] -

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