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Hernan's Blog of Hate!

[ Wednesday, June 25, 2003 ]


Metallica - St. Anger.

Maybe metallica noticed this is the right moment in history to create a unique rock band that can influence the next generation. The moment where people are getting tired (again) of pop (through MTV's manipulation system(R)?). Or maybe they got tired of selling themselves as something they were not. What's true is that this album is heavy, and has no ballads, it has a lot of Pantera, Fear Factory and even Anthrax in it. You could ask "so, are they back?" Well, no. The thrash metal metallica, with E-tuned guitars will never be back. According to MTV Icon (you probably have already seen it) Metallica influenced Nu-metal bands (Korn, Limp Biskit, Linking Park..), and now Metallica was reinfluenced by them. Well, Nu-metal sucks crap horribly, but it has something: the power in live gigs. Those bands sound really powerful, call it attitude, or call it compressor effect (or production). And they're SELLING BIG. Maybe that's really Metallica's NEW INFLUENCE... That's what they try to show in the bits of rehearsals put together in the DVD bonus, that they sure are powerful. But never as powerful as 90's Pantera. Anyway, Metallica never were that powerful.

Metallica went from fast heavy metal to thrash metal (1984) to heavy rock (1994?) to nu-metal (2003). They can call it "evolution", "there's no sense in playing the same over and over again, you gotta change to stay current". Their music wasnt selling as much as nu-metal. At least in the airhead/skater commercial target. You just cant stop perceiving some sellout ambient in this album.

If you still dont believe this is nu-metal:

1. The guitars are C-Tuned. 2 Tones below normal tunning.
2. Everything's so compressed.
3. There's not even a single solo in the entire album.
4. All the songs end up sounding the same. All of them are 6th string driven.
5. The guitar sound is intentionally dirty. There's even some feedback, once in a while, from the snare drum.
6. A lot of crash cymbals through the whole CD.

Really, the voice sounds crappy here, outta place, country voice over metal, the cowboys from hell. Besides, Hetfield can't scream! Call Jonathan Davis or Fred Durst. And seriously, some hip-hop over the music could break the monotony in some parts.

What sells this album:

- The attempts at "Frantic"
- "St. Anger"
- "Invisible Kid" (from 4:56)
- "Shoot me Again"
- "Sweet Amber"
- ...the intro and outro to "All within my hands". Out of 11 songs / 1:15:08 total playing time.
- Lars Ulrich drums (and drumwork :) )
- ... that's it I think.

(From gringo-comsumming kids, MTV-generation point of view)
(From my point of view)
(From the "vieja guardia" metal headbangers, skull-crushers, blood drinking, grave-desecrating, radical point of view)

Metallica came back too late. I'm madly in anger with you.

Hernán [1:25 AM] -

the hatemachine,
according to svigle