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Hernan's Blog of Hate!

[ Tuesday, June 03, 2003 ]


1. New music! / Llego musiquilla! OR some trash:

Well, Richard (who doesnt have a blog) went to my house, and among other things discused.. there's new music! Cafe del Mar 7 (great compilations!), Francois K - Deep and Sexy-A Wave Music Compilation, and (woah) Supreme Beings of Leisure, among other things. (So steppen, why don't you come over, like in the good old times, bring me the piazzolla stuff, and you'll watch the "Tango Magic" VHS original video and mp3-rip (that's a verb) some bossa nova?)

I apologize for not having time for updates lately, my time gets consummed by flashing (not my tits of course, but creating "flash-driven content"), reading the manual for my new keyboard (I'll use it to explain things easier in the next update of electro-pop-shit's how-to), the work at IBS and the test of java IDEs for servlet and applet development (jbuilder + together, "visual age", "forte", WebObjects, JRun, Eclipse, NetBeans, .. "and all those who I may have forgotten - you know who you are!"), yu-gi-oh tournaments (this saturday I spent from 11 AM to almost 7 PM to end up 3rd in an 18 people competition), and of course, legal procedures to get some papers because of the new robbery of my father's car (once again, every 3 years now) and for this days' flash project.

2. Making "Software" in Colombia Sucks!

The above-mentioned legal procedures for the flash project, consist in 2 insurance policies. Dont ask. The thing is, I spent a whole day asking insurance companies about how could I provide those policies as a contractor. Well the sad thing is, NO INSURANCE COMPANY IN COLOMBIA WILL INSURE A SOFTWARE PROJECT! (there you go alejo, for your computing blah!) I wasnt informed of the actual stats, but I was rejected as "There has been too much trouble with software contracts, is a policy of this establishment not to insure software projects, if I could show you, you'll notice the system doesnt allow me to add software contracts!".. and so on. Well, I admit I'd like some gossip in this matter, What has colombian software contractors done in the past to make insurance companies so afraid to support them?? I wanna know see numbers! I wanna know in what I'm involved as a computer-systems engineer! Of course, I was kinda in a dead-end cause I already perfectioned (signed) the contract, but fortunatedly I found just one company who dared to walk in the fire (not without a bailer) so finally I could start working. My father told me the situation is the same in Equator. Is it worlwide? Does anybody trust a computer scientist? I guess the search for a step-by-step procedure to develop software securely is an utopic must! Sad but true.

Other observations:

- Fuck MS for having/creating an erroneous concept of what software is. Fuck MS for creating a culture of negligence around all things windows. You created a system based on icons, or what else are the "blue screen of death", "restart and/or reinstall", "ctrl-alt-del" (for anything and everything), "viruses", etc, but icons of mankind's negligence? Seems like MS created the "driver culture". Everyone's always looking for some driver to stop the usual IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL_THAN's...

- Fuck Linux and Linux community for creating YET ANOTHER! clon of Unix instead of fighting Windows 9x/ME/XP Home and MAC by creating a free robust and stable system for home users, who are not interested in knowing shit about users, groups, security, tar.gz's, kernel compilations for everything, reading the 1001 FAQs for installing some sound card, programming in bash, multiple distributors of the same thing that doesnt deliver the same, makefile-ing every day, mounting and unmounting anything, and a thousand more complexities you may come with, I know you'll do.

- Fuck Mac for being so expensive yet so invisible in the web. And so incompatible.

- Fuck C/C++ for being such a pain in the ass to program. C is like the programming language implementation of Murphy's law. If it may produce a segmentation fault, it will.

- Fuck Visual Basic for bringing unsuspecting CPUs to their knees for nothing, and for tearing memory apart. MS blames the programmers for it. For using the controls they provide!

- Fuck Java for bringing unsuspecting CPUs to their knees just for showing an ugly swing window.

- Fuck Oracle for being a pain in the ass for installing, managing, developing, testing, deploying and maintaining in linux. And SQLServer for being the godfather of DB inefficiency (as anything MS).

- Fuck Linux again for looking so bad. Linux is the anti-neat, the system with the ugly fonts, the mixer of interface fragments (retazos de interfaz), the clumsy copy-paste. Linux is the reflex of the standard programmer's mind, who only thinks in the solving of a problem and forgets about the user who will have to solve the problem for using it!

- Fuck Windows for being the commercial whore of computers. Windows is like Britney Spears & Backstreet Boys, like Metallica, like Cabas, like Hollywood's effects-based movies, like Merengue/Salsa & Vallenato... Poop without talent, polished and made up to sell, just by following a pre-established script for what's commercial. Windows was trash that looked good. And they're still trying to make it work. But it wont. Just like .NET, which isnt even finished!

- Fuck java based applications for being so bloat-ware. Application servers, IDEs, ERPs, EISs, ... All those keep us working til 10 PM and more.

- Fuck programmers for being so ad-hoc and so human. For getting tired, for being overwhelmed by every new technology or API that comes day after day, ...

- Fuck the internet for making us lose so much time of our lives, and for slowly making us lonely.

Software industry is doomed. I wouldnt insure anything dependant on the above mentioned items. And we programmers are the meat in the sandwich.

I'm not making synapsis anymore. Hate will rain again some day.

Hernán [1:20 AM] -

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