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Hernan's Blog of Hate!

[ Saturday, May 24, 2003 ]


"Do your teeth hurt?"

Well not so much, thanx for asking, must be the adrenalin (I must say I'm clean right now), but I've learned something tonight. According to some unmentionable sources I should be a psychologist. I agree, but I add to the mix, that everyone could be a psychologist to anyone but to him(her)self, of course my horse, including me. I dunno if I've fallen low or if I flied high (well, to my lifestyle, I've flied high ok? OK?? FUCK IT. Then yes I know :O ) And I will not feel guilty no I'm not (NO I'M NOT!). I once said to the ocassional girl "Desdichado acaso el hombre, mas dichoso el artista desgarrado por el deseo" (something like "unfortunate, perhaps, the man, but unfortunate the artist ripped apart by desire"), but this time I must say i meant it. (Eh?) There was so much at stake.. well tomorrow, there's yugioh tournament at the "french library" or whatever, and I must stay focused, even if my teeth do hurt tomorrow. You didnt get it!? better. The only thing I know is, despite the cigar smell, I taste like her. Thanx for your attention.

PD. Well, I'll be back with more "electronica creation" for you, my beloved, and I must add, and learn this, electronica + not-too-much-alcohol = bliss. Add some water.

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