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Hernan's Blog of Hate!

[ Sunday, February 09, 2003 ]


Those who dont know history are doomed to repeat it?

Well, this is not the case here. We all know what Pablo Escobar tried in Colombia through terrorism in the late 80's (to make people distrust the government, and divide them in fear so they stay quiet in submision?), and we know what methods he used to get it (cowardly bombings, taking down of planes, kidnappings, extorsions, the pay of "vaccines", corruption of political figures, etc). Maybe people here is not that indiferent, maybe the problem lies in fear, cause we all prefer to remain quiet instead of getting killed. Our behavior has its origins, and it has happened through history a lot of times:

- In those times of the drug cartels, you just couldnt go into any taxi expressing your thoughts to the driver because, as we know, taxis were the cartels' information networks in the cities. "Ah, you dont like us, then you die".

- In the times of "The violence"(TM), the war was between Liberales (red) and Conservadores (blue). There were red and blue towns, and you couldnt even think about visiting a different colored town, or you got killed. "Ah, you dont like us, then you die". There were executions of whole towns because of its color, so Stalin-ish...

- The spanish colony times were good too at keeping people silenced, no rebellions against the real crown or face execution. So many indians killed, decimated is not even the word. Submission in all its forms. "Ah, you dont like us, then you die".

Colombia takes another dose, we're back at bomb time, the narcoterrorists use the exact same formula as Escobar. And there's no doubt the bombings could have been much worse... and many more. Those who know the outcome of history, know what to do to achieve their objectives. The terrorism is here to stay.

You know, as I've been saying this last days, is not fear what I feel after what happened to El Nogal (place I respected and admired and had the oportunity to be). One can find death in any corner. The real feeling is rage. The guerrilla militants are so incredibly coward, they're so coward that bombs have exploded in their hands, so coward to set bombs and get the hell away, and when everything's messed up they dont even attribute the actions to themselves, they dont make any check-mate statements, they dont have a reason. IT IS JUST FULL HATE. "Why!!!" you say, "How come there is people so evil to do things like that!"... They're simply animals, they dont think. They are the offspring of our violent history. We've been in war forever, when a faction ended another one came...

Besides, guerrilla is not what they are. Guerrilla is Fidel Castro's or M19. They are narcoterrorists, the worst type of international criminal. It's time the world recognizes those savages as what they really are, coward narcoterrorists. How is it possible that other nations give them democratical refuge and all the space for dialog, and keep their money in bank accounts helping finance narcoterrorism?

Those narcoterrorists just cant kill someone, they have to do it in the worst way possible, they are never satiated, they love blood and carnage. They're like state-of-the-art resentment. Some Slayer for you.

You've got a fucking catheter in your brain
Pissing your common sense away
When you draw first blood you can't stop this fight
For my own peace of mind - I'm going to
Tear your fucking eyes out
Rip your fucking flesh off
Beat you till you're just a fucking lifeless carcass
Fuck you and your progress
Watch me fucking regress
You were made to take the fall - now you're nothing
Payback's a bitch motherfucker

And something from D.R.I. comes to mind when I think of paramilitares:

Forces united the choice is yours [4x]
Violent pacification [2x]
Forces united the choice is yours [4x]
Violent pacification [5x]
We'll force you to be nice to each other
Kill you before you kill each other

This country is doomed.

Hernán [11:05 PM] -

the hatemachine,
according to svigle