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Hernan's Blog of Hate!

[ Tuesday, February 18, 2003 ]


Of what sells

Various things that captured my attention this last week:

1. It's incredible how "resourceful" is the people at canal caracol. As you know, Pedro el Escamoso is one of those soap operas that begins as a hit because there's something unusually funny about it, in this case a dancing iguazo who happens to have sex appeal because of his iguazo-ness. We all have seen Pedrito Coral Tavera dancing "El pirulino", but damn! Just when everybody's tired of it (because of the stupidity hit soap operas become just to make some more chapters and keep people there watching commercials), I've seen this TV commercial announcing Pedro Coral dancing "el baile de la orejita", in some jail, wearing nothing more than a chingue (the iguazo version of a bathing suit -tanga- for men), during a beauty contest for men. That's our television. The interesting thing is HOW IN THE HELL DID THEY GET THERE? Will & Grace havent been able to get to the first accepted gay kiss in I dont know how many seasons... (thanx God for that)

2. We all know you cant stop at a semaphore's red light in Bogota without being bothered by some ñero-speaking dude trying to wash your car's windshield. The hate-charging thing is they dont even ask, they start washing it (with dirt-water besides) and then they knock at the driver's window to get their pay. That happened to me and my father, and he says "Next thing, some company sends anything with a money order for you to sign and send!" That's possible, in fact, in the USA what they do is sending cards, already charged, for you to go "save" by spending! Fuckers.

3. I've been net.approached by my friend Der Steppenwolf, through ICQ or something (whatever), announcing me the new release by Massive Attack, "100th Window". I visited their site and damn! you got to get to the "command line" section (if you can find it -damn cryptic flash interfaces-) and then type "Window3". Creative (and electronic-constructionist) way to show tour dates...

4. I didnt know about some venezuelan actress called Roxana Diaz (from "Juana la virgen", I've seen on google..) who made her home (and so personal) porn video with some other actor. It was found, and there they were: Pamela Lee's case, or more pathetically, Lully Bosa's case, but in Venezuela. Availaible illegally on the streets of Caracas, and Kazaa :P. But this one's much more hardcore than the others (and you dont get to watch Tommy Lee's weapon for almost the whole video *whew*). Clocking in at about 1 hour 27 minutes (and 586.086 Kb) this video shows much of Internet's availaible material through Roxana Diaz' (sick, lusty or honest, you judge) acts. Hardcore hardcore, it has in it: very bad breast surgery scars, bottle insertions, double insertions, dance with slutty lingerie, blowjobs, anal, oral, even a prostate gland exam (she inserts her thumb blah blah blah...), etc, etc, etc. All sorts of terms the Internet enlightened us with. Just bringing some hardcore to the Evil list. And let's hope someday we see something from Geraldine Civic, heheh. 0:)

5. There's some TV show called "Fastlane" I never bothered to watch, but that all changed when I beheld some commercial when I was at las Vegas, who showed a lesbian kiss between Tiffany-Amber Thiessen and Jamie Presley scheduled for January the 17th. Yesterday night I finally saw it! Now I can finally stop watching fastlane looking for the abovementioned kiss. :D ...Why do we, straight ones, find lesbianism "titillating" when we are not needed there? Cute lesbians sell. May that be said by Alyssa Milano, Sara Michelle Gellar, Neve Campbell, Denise Richards, Kylie Minogue, Carmen Electra, Michelle Williams, Jennifer Aniston and so many others who have found a lot of bucks for them and for their executive producers by kissing a resembling specimen at the expense of our own impotence. Lesbian kisses on TV networks deserves a whole blog update.

6. The pigiblog is back, and Atari's right. I should get any woman to be my girlfriend, so I could get the rest of them. I've been there too: With girlfriends comes pretenders, when alone, no hay ni miércoles, carajo. Girls sell to girls. Speaking of Atari, I've managed, once again, to stay home waiting for his call to do something on saturday night, "some things never change"...

7. My most ambitious musical project for this year is near. Born from the twisted mind of my friend Pyngwie from artico records, it will involve famous figures from national underground rock. The plot? Proggresive Rock, as usual. I'll be helping with electronic ideas, the chatter begin this weekend. I hope someday it sells too

Sell to you later, weak fagts.

Hernán [10:01 PM] -

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