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Hernan's Blog of Hate!

[ Tuesday, February 04, 2003 ]


A matter of geopolitics

Who would I be in LotR you ask? well. That one's easy. I'd be some guitar playing elf who lives in Aman, north of the Undying Lands, far from war, not even noticing it. "Why, is there a war in the middle-earth? oh terrible! ... ok, I'll keep playing this guitar from the Ainur, I've yet much to learn my fellow elves, now if you'll excuse me...". Horse days from war, not much really... Think about it, we all are some elf learning something far from war. The day we feel forced to enter war then the United Nations will intervene with full militar power, and will try to force the end of the guerrilla war. But not yet, because NOT ALL OF THE INHABITANTS OF THE HUMAN REGION OF COLOMBIA ARE INVOLVED IN THE CONFLICT. We, sons of the bourgeoisie, are not involved in it, right? Do we give a shit about it? It's not our interests at stake. YET! Colombia, blame us for most of this bleedings.


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