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Hernan's Blog of Hate!

[ Thursday, February 27, 2003 ]


Innocent Saints or (put alejo's random idea here)

By reading the reviews posted on some intellectual blogs of some also intellectual friends, I was pushed to go get and read "Gala: Musa o Demonio", which I was lucky to find lying in the sidewalks of the 7th Avenue in Bogota's downtown, beside "El codigo penal" and "El Almanaque Bristol". I paid 2000 devaluated pesos for my copy, which had a light cyan cover with white tipography, which framed, in a counterfeited (chibiado) environment, my reading of it. After hours of reading, I got inspired to record some songs that could fit the feeling of the book in some situations, like a soundtrack to it. The result is here in Amazon. Go, give it a try (I recommend the "Aguita 'e coco" sample), then buy it, and read "El gala" again, I'm sure you'll find the experience even more realistic and, why not, "Iguaza". Just like watching the last scene from "2001 Space Odissey" while hearing "Echoes" by Pink Floyd, or reading "Vivir para contarla" (by Gabo) to the rhythm of vallenato, I'm sure Javo and Sergo's "El Gala", with the music I composed, will be the ultimate ñero experience.

Here you can appreciate "El Gala", counterfeited edition, being offered on the streets of iguazoland in a very special package with "el almanaque bristol".

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