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Hernan's Blog of Hate!

[ Tuesday, January 14, 2003 ]


Dream of Californication

So what! I missed my Los Angeles connection because we, Iguazos, are ridiculously lazy, so I was at the american airlines counter line at about 2 hours before the flight departure (not 3, would have been much easier), the flight was suposed to depart at 8:10 AM, and we ended up departing at 9:00! What does this mean? That when you get to US immigration you wont have time enough to catch your next connection, and that's what happened. Gringos at customs here are soooooo sloooooowwww... they look at you, they ask anything rapidly and then begin typing slowwwly... then you have to go get your baggage and go through customs... fuck. So they rescheduled the whole thing, but here I am, as my friend Alexis says: "relax and enjoy it" which is my mantra here...

I have learned something this time in the US... being California the most hated place by the rest of the gringos because they dont worry about life (they only go surfing, skateboarding, listening to linkin park, "take it easy duuuude" they wave, they're cool because that's their nature), but well, what I've learned is that GRINGOS WASTE IN SUCH RIDICULOUS WAYS!!! In iguazoland we are taught to spend only the necesary, and to look for the cheapest of the offers... but here everything's so fucking expensive that there's nothing more to do than laugh at it.. relax and enjoy it... yesterday I went with Carolina, my friend here, to Los Angeles (I think it's so similar to Chicago, full of black menacing specimens, an ugly city to look at, would say any californian) and we decided to look for a parking lot... we found some kind of mall, after 2 hours we got back and how much? "20.25 please".

They waste too much money, too much space (everything's so away from other things), families here practically dont exist. There's too much drugs (it's so fun for them to smoke "weed" because obviously it's forbidden, and because it's so expensive! A friend of Carolina went to some nice house, over to a friend's, and he spent 10 dollars in weed. What was it? A LEAVE!!! HAHAHAH We couldn't believe they guy, he'd go nuts in iguazoland, finding the whole brick of weed for a little more hahahahahahah)... they waste their lives...

California is the most beautiful american place I've been to. And weirdest too... There's a lot of beaches, with frozen water. You can't get into it until laaaaate summer, when the water gets a little warmer. I dont know how they made so many baywatch episodes.. the vegetation is that from a desert, this is a desert! but is so foggy you cant see a thing in 5 meters. Strange piece of land.

By the way, Hollywood was not what I expected. The walk of fame, where all the stars get stepped on, is full of small stores, with decadent subjects, perfect for goths and metalheads... skulls, black t-shirts (with manson saying "Got milk?"), tatoos, incense smell everywhere... just like our beloved Calle 19, right in Bogota's downtown, home to the infamous Nutabes. I felt so at home... so much junk to buy and then ignore... and so many losers, everywhere... heheh. Capitol Records building is 70's fashioned, funnyly is an attraction here... why? dunno. (Maybe because Dave Mustaine tried to suicide by jumping from it?)

Tomorrow I'll leave for a place even more "wasty", Las Vegas, NV. Dig it (and hate it, as they would say "muerdanse de la envidia, ya tengo mi fotito con el letrero de HOLLYWOOD!") heheh

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