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Hernan's Blog of Hate!

[ Tuesday, December 10, 2002 ]


What sucked today a whole lot?

The thing that most sucked today was not the typical application of Murphy's law to Internet's downloading: "Downloads always fail when they are 99% and usually after a long download time due to 0.5 Kbps download speed or less". It was the last song I needed to finish Anthrax's "Among The Living" believe it or not, you cant find it here. In Iguazoland, country of the damned.. That's not the worst event of the day:

Yes, I was censored, and not by superusers. This must be a record to remember: on the 1st day (a matter of hours), I was added and banned from sergio's "The Evil List". Is really "EVIL" this list? get a peek out of it, read a random paragraph and find out for yourself. I was once almost nuked from a chat by someone who thought was better than me, just for the fact he spends his life there and applied to be a superuser of a chat. This must be the most stupid work you can apply to, since you must be there the most you can, idling most of the time (because when you're superuser no one wants to talk to you) spending your precious time next to the PC, waiting for someone to fuck with you asking stupid shit about what can or cant be done in the chat.

Enough shit, it was not a su, it was a friend, and he didnt say a word. He invited me to blogger.com, and here I am banned. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Must charge anyone's hate...

I'm gonna give you my hate,

I'm gonna give you my hate. Ohh.

Wanna whole lotta hate.

Wanna whole lotta hate.

Wanna whole lotta hate.

Wanna whole lotta hate.

Hernán [5:59 PM] -

the hatemachine,
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