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Hernan's Blog of Hate!

[ Sunday, December 15, 2002 ]


Tonight at El final de los Tiempos...

You'd say "this fapper's crazy posting something today!", and after posting so much mugre yesterday, but this may be your chance to hear my melodious voice on the radio (heheh, I thought I'd never say this again, in past oportunities I did my duties telling my friends about radio interviews, but none of them heard a single word out of my mouth in the radio).

So here's your change to leave me talking alone, today Sunday Dic the 15th, I will be presenting some metal news at "El final de los tiempos", radio program hosted by the infamous Lucho "metales" Barrera. Why me? Lucho metales made a new move in his program by getting different musicians from the metal genre to tell the metal news they please.. I'm so disconnected from metal, that I didnt know what Copa (one of Ulf Reich's ex-drummers) was doing at the time, and according to Lucho, he's now a member of the "Warriors of the Light" a rolo heavy metal band (Funny because Copa hates heavy metal, its high pitched vocals and its twisted tales of warriors, heros, legends and other allucinating stuff!), powerful here because, the founder guitarrist represents Nuclear Blast in Colombia (sells the records at Import Nation in Via Libre "mall", just beside the infamous nutabes), and also brings a lot of heavy metal bands to play here (stratovarius, yngwie malmsteen, hammerfall, stuff like that).

(There's one thing you oughta know. Metal is a radical genre, requires you to be full of hate! (not as radical as punk in late 70's!) But Heavy metal is much WORSE!! For a fan of heavy metal, there's no Thrash or Speed or Death or Black or nothing! Blinded by the holy light that constantly consumes (their) minds)

Lucho is friends with Copa, and they ended up speculating what happened to me. So last night I fell asleep at less than 10:00 PM! and this guy calls me at about 11:00 PM, so I woke up from my bed like a zombie and there he was at the line... Lucho metales may be one of the most radical persons I've met ever (along with some blind christians and Alexis' Chicago aunt!) but he remembers and respects Ulf Reich (he once said we were the best band ever in this country even when our live act sucked thanx to sound and stage engineers, if you can call'em that!)

EL FINAL DE LOS TIEMPOS 99.1 F.M. en Bogota.
Domingos desde las 10pm hasta la 1am - Solo MeTaL!!!

Lucho said we'll be on air at about 11:15 PM, and that would be a record! because I only had interviews aired at 12:00 or more!


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