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Hernan's Blog of Hate!

[ Tuesday, December 17, 2002 ]


Murphy does Rule (...or cursed our pathetic lives?)

Those live radio appearances are so funny, for the interlocutor at the other side (I laughed a lot hearing the most funny headbangers speaking live), there comes this guy and says: "ok, you're on air now (so watch out for funny noises by the phone!). Dont forget to lower your radio volume to the most possible (to avoid feedback)" -uh huh...

Lucho metales: "it's 00:03 in the morning, and we establish phone contact with Hernan Rojas, founder guitarrist of the band Ulf Reich, Hernan very good evening, welcome!"

(...silence...) (I was speaking a lot and very well I think)

- "Hernan?"

(I realize nobody had heard me and I laugh. JUST THERE the guy at the mixing console punches me into the thing...)

JUST THERE, so I begin with a stupid laugh! Murphy. And lucho metales laughs too of course!...

The rest worked fine. But damn, last time, at "4 canales" (another program) I began with a triumphant "gallo", weather was so cold and rainy and my voice just didnt work... :( Maybe I'll release a mp3 file with the most embarrasing moments, for you to laugh (tease me forever)...

Santa is premature...

I have 2 gifts for you.

1. Talking to sergio on messenger or some shit, he made me remember the funny sexy losers comic strip. Yesterday monday I read them all!! (by his own recommendation) all 165 strips to date, more than 3 full years (1 strip a week)! And I chose the best, the one that still makes me laugh, may be not hentai porn or the most brilliant one (hey, it's hentai manga!). Here you go!

2. The other surprise I have is this sexy photo ;), in the best style of the 80's, I know pong and sergio will love this one:

(Hey, I think the car is smiling too :) )

(The shitty freeservers.com dont allow linking of images from remote sites, hence the iframe, sorry to make you scroll a bit!) Bad bye.

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