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Hernan's Blog of Hate!

[ Saturday, December 14, 2002 ]


The death of Ulrica

Well I've been kinda busy this last nights, sadly there hasnt been so much time for h8! There's been a lot of stress at the office, but now saturday morning I find the space to be here, writing "mugre" for you!

This days I've been meeting with some people I didnt see in a long time, Vulpecula being one of them, as you read in his blog, and there's always space for the same question, over and over, "what ever happened to your band?" Is a tough question, because I never wanted to keep the songs for myself, that was a worry for me and for Alexis Ariza, one of my 2 best friends in life, a hell of a psychologist, and the bassist of the band, and I swear we did what we could, but that was it. I ended up keeping the songs for myself. (DAMN! I cant help writing "mysql" when I want to write "myself"!!)

Alexis suggested we should form a band, late in 1995 when he got from Chicago (long story escaping militar service) and I got from Boston (english studies -and a lot of bud-). He thought I didnt suck at playing (I'll always suck a bit), even when I didnt play much in those times. The band SUCKED! We were 3 guitars, along with Omar Salazar, my other best friend and a veterinarian, playing at my house's living room. We were incredibly different in every aspect for being friends, we didnt like the same music, and that's what eventually helped us getting a different sound:

Alexis: Celtas Cortos, Miguel Bose, Heroes del Silencio, Robi Draco, Life, Cranberries (Soft Rock)
Omar: Death, Morbid Angel, Carcass, Obituary, Tiamat, Paradise Lost... (Death, Black & Doom metal)
Me: Megadeth, Annihilator, Slayer, Iron Maiden, Dream Theater and Pink Floyd (Thrash & Progressive)

That was early 1996. We struggled getting a strange version of Echoes (Pink Floyd), What ever that Hurts (Tiamat), Little Horn (Marilyn Manson), Afraid to Shoot Strangers (Iron Maiden)... again, we sucked, and I almost yelled at them sometimes, but we were friends, and sometimes we got the feeling going and got in trance, jamming for 2 hours or more... Those were the great naive times of our music (no media, no production, no pride), when slowly we wrote songs and found a style, that sounded similar to contemporary bands, like Opeth and Anathema. We called ourselves "Ulf Reich" after a scandinavian mythological icon, and lyrics of us written by Alexis (traduced "Ulrica" by Borges).

Ulf Reich's "13 steps to Nowhere":

1. Omar broke his arm playing soccer, leaving us.

2. I knew one of the weirdest persons, Carlos Copaban (Copa), a good drummer inspired by Tommy Lee (Motley Crue's drummer), who everyday wanted to play a different style! He entered the band.

3. Bought a drum kit and a bass, played live once or twice, as a trio.

4. Got a Grindcore vocalist, William Ortiz (now owner of 3 rock bars) introduced by Copa.

5. Copa left (for the first time) to work in a cruise, entered Luis Ramirez -Lucho, death metal drummer, introduced by William.

6. William and Lucho couldnt get along, so William leaves (knowing his voice sucked for our style).

7. A trio again, never played with Lucho, big fights about the band style made him leave (We were not going to play death metal!)

8. Copa was back after almost a year, re-entered, We recorded (the biggest sacrifice ever) our "Conspiracy" Album, gothic thrash with electronic drums with a humble homemade production. 500 copies. I still have about 150.

9. The band became kinda big in the underground: "El expreso del Rock", "El final de los tiempos", "Aceleracion Progresiva", "Cuatro Canales", "Zona Girante", revista Kamaleon, La rosca, El malpensante, et cétera... very good reviews, even in an underground rock newspaper in Florida (similar to the disappeared Suburbia). That gave us a place at 1999's rock al parque preliminaries, some kind of envy from some integrants from the band "Ethereal", and a place in "Baron Rojo's" concert.

10. All this was blewed away. Copa tried to get us to the big rock al parque by squeezing his connections at the event's organization... We were out of the baron rojo gig, thanks to the influences that moved the band "Sha-I".

11. Copa left again (2nd cruise), we got a new drummer (Ernesto Fernandez - Neto), and a keyboardist (Alexander Cortes), who were strong into jazz, the right kind of musicians our now complex music needed. Now we were into progressive, and in our finest hour. We got management, but it didnt work. When Copa came back he saw himself so outta place that stated he was gonna make a relaxed and funny band... heheh

12. We recorded our finest moments in the "Noise Pack" compilation by artico records (1000 copies I still have about 40), but the break was imminent. Everything the keyboardist played was too jazzy, and they wouldnt play without money in advance! Everyone wanted to play with us, but the conditions wouldnt be the appropiate, keeping in mind that every cost the band generated came out of my pocket!

13. In Enero 2002, we ended the stress. Alexis is doing psychological investigation in Barrancabermeja and surroundings, Alexander graduated from Universidad Nacional as musician, Neto is betting his life on karting, and you know what I'm doing.

There's still some links on google, one is very funny, ensuring Ulf Reich comes from Denmark! hahaha! No one argues I made the 99% of the music in this band, about 50% of the lyrics, and approved any arrange on the songs. I have seven 60min cassetes and a CD recorded with music for the band! Ulf Reich was like a woman (in mythology she is indeed). I couldnt live with or without her, went the road described by Borges in his tale "Ulrica", and ended up keeping the songs for myself. (again the mysql thing!! SHIT!)

Right now I'm doing some electronic music, with so many ideas again, but with a musical "guayabo" that just dont give me the spirit to record something else...

Bye bite me.

Hernán [12:19 PM] -

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