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Hernan's Blog of Hate!

[ Monday, May 19, 2003 ]



(a fucked up choco-break, maybe a "chocho"-break): Some subjects came to my attention from various bloggers, you'll know who you are.

Voivod: Yes, it's true. The new album by voivod, "voivod", which I have been waiting for so long, is boring. It doesn't sound as good as productions nowadays, but that's a voivod fingerprint, so that's why it doesnt SUCK! And there's always a good voivod riff once in a while (good voivod riff: a typical riff that surprises, just like annihilator's BUT voivod has some "acid" feel). Anyway, it's (as usual) a different album, they seem so happy, they're just having fun playing simple, relaxed stuff (kinda New-Wave-of-British-Heavy-Metal?). Good times those of "Dimension Hatross", "Nothingface", "Angel Rat" and even "Phobos"...

Type O Negative: Damn, I can't wait to hear from my staple gothic band, it's been so long since their last album.. *sigh* Could it bring back the good-old late-90s' gothic feeling?

"Her and me, and her and she, and me
An uncrowded couple, are we three"

Pink Floyd: It's still the best band in history for me. Still makes me weep. My latest additions are:

- "Roger Waters - In The Flesh (live)" DVD, 2000: It's perfect. It's like hearing the old albums just like they were but with perfect production. The best, as usual are "Breathe" and "Time" BUT! it has an incredible version of "Mother", and unbelievably "Welcome To The Machine" and "Dogs"!! As usual, "Time" made me weep.

- "David Gilmour - Live", DVD, 2002: Shit, David Gilmour is now so old! But with age comes experience and that's this about. It's a live unplugged, but he looks like he's playing at home, beside his fireplace. Incredible are "Shine on", "High Hopes" and a version of a Bizet composition, "Je crois entendre encore" (I believe I still hear). Plus, there's "Confortably Numb" sung by Bob Geldof (Pink Floyd in the "The Wall" movie!), and a song by Richard Wright played along with him.

- I'm about to get "Tonite let's all make love in London", and the movie & soundtrack "Zabriskie Point". There's chances to watch the movies "La Vallée" (Obscured by Clouds) and "More". And, I've been informed that a DVD version (with lots of bonus material) of "Live At Pompeii" will be out soon! Will sometime be availaible a DVD from the shows of the "The Wall" gigs? :(

The Open Evil: I'll be honest. I visit Galactus' "The Evil List" (TEL) for blogs and Azul's "The Open List" (TOL) for the features. I dont read TOL's blogs just TEL's, except for DerSteppenwolf's (I really think Galactus should add him there. Is one of the best blogs). TEL is very centralized, controlled, and NOW I like that, because not anyone will be listed there, and the size of the scroll bar doesn't have as much probability to grow to PersianKitty's (http://www.persiankitty.com). Another thing, TEL reminds me of the beginnings of hypertexts (1995?), by comparison to TOL, that looks more eye candy. If you look at it, you can see the typical plot between the original idea developer (galactus) and Microsoft (azul). Copy the original idea, add some eye candy and make the other go broken. heheh... Alejo ~= Bill Gates?

I aint saying nothing about the FARC or Menen or Montoya or Colombian Soccer or (C/C++ && scheme) . Just that I hate them and that they better fry in hell.

Things to come in the Electronica for Newbie's: Synthesis basics (More about wave manipulation), MIDI basics, vocoding, why some devices supposed to make you happy making electronic music SUCK!, regulations every musician in this country should know about (unknown tricks), and genres/subgenres (actually investigation work, the hardest), how I made the loop that sounded in this blog until THIS update (it involves a sample from an old Camilo Sesto's song), among others..

Up the Irons! (eh?!)

Hernán [12:42 AM] -

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