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Hernan's Blog of Hate!

[ Friday, January 03, 2003 ]


Open sound of Violence

It seems like yesterday (although aprox. 2 years have passed) when Richard Tamayo (Honored thesis communicator), Alexis Ariza (Respected psychologist and thinker) and me (a left 0) planned our dream for our prides and chicanery's sake: We'd make the most clever publicity agency this country has seen. Richard would be the designer, flash animator and would be in charge of printed forms, I would do the dirty programmational work involved in web pages, catalogues and portfolios, and also be in charge of the music needed, and Alexis would be the commercial section and would help with ideas... we'd grow as needed. All this, framed by a general consensus of inconformity with the "creative" works being done in our country, and we had enough pride to try to assume the international creative imagery of this iguazo lands through our proposal...

The project failed. But there is something to remark from that day: We went to in vitro bar, to have some "vodkitas" and, as usual, our conversations were dense in intellectual content (well, their conversations, but I understand and also try to talk in my very own way and make myself clear :) ) so one of the ideas that surfaced, was the idea of making open music. Understand it as: music you can get and can do anything with it, given the respective credits. We thought it would be interesting to hear music composed by a lot of people from different parts of the world...

Needed is:

- Web disk space like hell

- A standard music format. That is, a format capable of storing events to happen in a given moment, kinda MIDI fashion, but capable of working with sampled sounds (much like wavetable sound cards work) rather than FM synthesis generated sounds (soundblaster 16 and nintendo anyone?) and also capable of storing patterns of events, that would be repeated as needed. This last feature would reduced file size and would facilitate creation of musical pieces based of multiple "sound layers" as I call them (electronic music basis).

- Sampled sounds. Contributed by people all over the world (Hey! I sampled my old telecaster through a vintage 1965 amp and it sounds like this!!)

- Learning (or acquiring) musical tempo algorithms. Tempo is the heart of making a computer song. And for me, the software would be able to determine the tempo from a wave file, given the amount of beats and their length (resoultion) (Take this file, it's supposed to have 4 4/4 bars. What's the tempo?) Bar changes are very important too, I know there's a lot of plane 4/4 songs, but I think is fair to offer more capabilities.

- Learning (or acquiring) the algorithms for a lot of wave effects, namely: echo, chorus, reverb, delay, distortion, cut out, resolution, frequency filters, and I could go on (tremolo, double, harmonizer...)

- A software application that gives enough interface to handle the above mentioned. Maybe in C++, portable to "open systems" like linux.

- A web system that facilitates the creation of an "open music community", people who would download the samples, the song files and the software and experiment with it, apporting new ideas to a song, new sounds, etc.

- A big and generous economical benefactor would help. Patrocinador que llaman.

I know, I know, there's the reason file format, and the reason reFill format (song and samples formats), but they belong exclusively to propellerheads software (or stainberg) and I dont think they would give us the specs for free... But perhaps there's a way to read those formats, which must be great, and incorporate them to our software... a world of possibilities and challenges... I also know about Csound, I wasnt born like yesterday :)

Eduardo Miranda resucitated that idea in my mind, talking through ICQ, he also thought of open music, and he's a programmer (not a hey-I'm-a-putas-go-and-do-this thinker like my initial friends - no offense). I also have the design of Macondo, a musical sequencer project at Universidad de los Andes, I did the piano roll view, and that was my thesis: C++, Gnome, GTK, GDK, Xlib... linux.

Hate you goodbye. Song that comes to mind: "I feel like I wanna be inside of you.. when the sun goes down" (Sound of Violence by Cassius the dance song of 2002)

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