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Hernan's Blog of Hate!

[ Thursday, January 23, 2003 ]


The Evil Ring and the Clash of the Egos

Ever since I met him some years ago at Los Andes, Alejo instantaneously became "El Argentino". It was all because he looks like an argentinian, and that version has been corroborated by my group of friends at Los Andes, so it's not just me. Some of you have said he's an arrogant, but I think Alejo is arrogantly entertaining, and he has reasons to be like that (I suppose), don't become a mocking target for him, 'cause he'll set you on fire... I remember what he did to Ariel, poor her.

And the jibba-jabba about what a loser and a winners is or does.. All that has been funny to me, because some people in the ring (I've a bad memory, like 128K, and blogs are too long to search for references) has reminded me about women, in the way they comment something like "oh, you are so rude calling javo a boring person to be with", "Alejo says this, Alejo is that", "you are bad, bad, bad..." heheh... Most women have the ability to listen to your every word, and when you let slide some comment that may offend someone, they get all upset, and you spend like 30 min trying to get back to normal. Don't you?

Or maybe some of you, deep inside, feel your ego offended too because you seem to be/say/do what Alejo catalogues as what a loser is/says/does, when a geek tries and spends his time trying to be cool and feel like a winner doing things no one uses or cares about? Think about it. A geek fights for the respect of the other geeks, but acceptance will never come from the outside. And outside is so small...

It's a maybe. Only a possible maybe :P

A song comes to mind, "The Philosopher" by Death:

Do you feel what I feel, see what I see, hear what I hear
There is a line you must draw between your dream world and reality
Do you live my life or share the breath I breathe

Lies feed your judgement of others
Behold how the blind lead each other
The philosopher... You know so much about nothing at all.

Ideas that fall under shadows of theories that stand tall
Thoughts that grow narrow upon being verbally released
Your mind is not your own,
What sounds more mentally stimulating is how you make your choice
So you preach about how I'm supposed to be,
Yet you don't you know your own sexuality

Lies feed your judgement of others
Behold how the blind lead each other
The philosopher... You know so much about nothing at all

Spiderman/LotR/Bond: Those are movies I've seen just like Star Wars, Blade Runner, the Superman and the Batman ones, Independence Day and similar, and even more pathetically Titanic, Braveheart, The First Knight, and the like, heheh etc. JUST FOR THE FUN OF IT. BUT! Bond is the Best, even more the Vintage Bond! I've always loved those movies and I'm actually looking forward to see them all again, beginning with the acid "Casino Royale", just to see Woody Allen in that weird role... So I suggest you stop geeking on every form of entertainment and relax and enjoy them. I'm a total LotR ignorant and I plan to stay that way, I'm not gonna waste my precious time reading fiction books when:

1. I already did that in school reading the master, Jules Verne.
2. I can only brag about that with geeks and not beautiful stupid girls.
3. I see no intellectual aggregate on that, and
4. I have more important things to do, like breathing for example.

Geek out!

Hernán [8:32 PM] -

the hatemachine,
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