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Hernan's Blog of Hate!

[ Wednesday, December 11, 2002 ]


Today's Hardcore Thought stuck to my mind: Goodbye Resort.

What's left for you logging into a chat where nobody says a single thing? Do people use chats to idle until death? Scandalizing idling times are one reason... And the race to see who's deluded enough to be on the Top 25 spodders. There are years there. Just think of it YEARS OF TIME WASTED LOGGED ON! I can say I've been about 22 months frequenting the shit, and I didnt get to 22 days. Besides, what can you say about people using macros to keep them logged? Am I really anxious to talk to robots? That's the dream of every spod there, to have an automaton fed with the spod's thought patterns, and go away, idling, while the macro chats for him/her.

Another thing, Vulpecula said something to me yesterday: "Resort's golden age was the first months of 2001". I first logged in in february 2001, and I stayed for the hillariousness of the whole thing, blew my mind even when I always hated chats, because you never know who you're talking too.. I remember thinking snapplecase was a woman, tut was anything but FAT, watts was tut, and I remember saying african-american jokes (popular in iguazoland alongside pastuso, Turbay and Jesuschrist(TM) jokes) before knowing ariel better (lucky me!)... I remember:

1. me calling keisuke (funny deprive) "the master" (now he's master... of boring-ness);

2. pigidik (funny atari) and the brain amoeba before realizing the resort was a waste of time;

3. vulpecula letting out all sorts of garbage from his distorted mind ( :-) ) in an attempt to outsmart keisuke at insults; As a result, gaining popularity as the most degradant mind to grace the resort ever!

4. demoness net.marrying docken (now indisputable queen of the island of idling shadows, even her webcam idles).

5. xraymind (funny zapatista) calling pong "Dewey". Who was xraymind anyway :P

6. demoness' Ass channel page, with pics and stuff. (Arepa time fuckers!)

7. domgod's page of Freaks of Nature and friends (the same shit anyway), and her infamous emails with spod's dirty pics! :)

8. snapplecase hailing stileproject.com!

9. viralex and vulpecula inviting psycho (aka "el pacotillas", "paco" for short) to resort for delight of us, perverted and hating minds

10. ravenmistress and trigger, before finding out something more interesting to do with their lives than being on resort..

11. javier greeting me, and talking about colombian politics

12. tato, he who, in about 2 weeks online, came up with "that's huge gay" and was remembered forever

13. azul and his irl Gilligan hat, fapping the shit out of ariel. Computing science masters against Mad Janitors.

14. ariel and the infamous "guess what? - I have a date!" undivisible statement

15. galactus and his tales of whale spods (Gia...?), and incredibly ABSOLUT losers (ndl...?)

That's what I remember in a few seconds. Those times will never come back, probably, now you enter the char and they ask you for DONATIONS! I knew the party was over. But too late..

So now, I must do as bands like Iron Maiden, Metallica, Anthrax and many ex-great others should have done. I retire before I get boring and old.

Greatness goes to Demoness and her neverending fight against the stupid (which got me totally contagied), and to Dommie, whose clit I'd be glad to lick "to the end of tiiiiiime"...

Today's song comes from Iron Maiden:

o/~ "No more tears, no more tears

If we (idle) for a hundred years, amigos no more tears.." o/~

I'd sing Pink Floyd's "Goodbye blue sky", but I'd have to change the blue sky part, which would piss Roger Waters off, thing I dont want. Hope you liked today's BLOG of HATE! Hate you later fagts :)

Hernán [10:47 PM] -

the hatemachine,
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