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Hernan's Blog of Hate!

[ Sunday, December 29, 2002 ]


It's been a hars days night (well not realluy aniaght, all day I think, if trhe dirks let me. hehe=)

Wel, todayu y came finally back fgorom Cali, the city of the damned( oif you read the blog you'll understand), I got to bogota at aprox 6.00 430ç aM; (that i 6:30 drunk), after a night whuih I could nt slepp (U just b33n Hax0r3d) and again, I took the fapping bus and U coudlnt sleep, so here I am am all fukerd up, with jno mony and friends, I just stoela jcket in "changos dunno wjhy=) writing the shit foer uyoui to blame me.

-----------well, the surpise was big time, uyou knwo, liliano calles me and told me h"eyt, la gorda is drunk hehhe and she was pregnant anf didnt tell anybody, and now she has a baby, yo got to gice her a present cause she has a babym, and a baby shower, so I get rid of my head ache, and go over tyhere and give her something for her to suffer with the baby, after taht we go to el chango with Diego Campo, better known as piugidik. I also saw Alexandra over there edo, 1 ditnt ay much but I think she send s you salutes and stuff, a bhig clit, I guess heheh, but weel that's not hte caseñ. Thing is, damn we go to el chango with curubo, and we get motherfucking dfriunk. And I know tommorrwo I'll get this big worst hreadache ever, but its ok, cause you must live life dammit, learn that. you nerds form fapping fappest hell. (fap = jack off) oh baby I feel like the music sounds better with you love might btring us back together.

LKevae you. I going to slkeep. But cant stop thinking bout chiqui, a hell of a wman.the pig knopw,even tho he has a girlfriend, and she changed haircut. DAMIT YEAH; THE GORDA, PIG's COURIN NOW HAS A BABY., If you understand ok, go to hell, if not, better. hehe chao. fucker.s


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